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Here are some soaper’s responses to this question:

What do you think are the best ingredients in a shampoo bar for those with dry or oily hair?

I think that this is really something that is hard to say what exactly is going to be the “best” because there are so many variables. My favorite though is a shampoo with sunflower seed oil. It is very moisturizing and yet it doesn’t weigh down my super fine hair. Beyond that I think that a good amount of coconut and/or palm kernel oil are good to have in a shampoo because they are oils that have great cleansing properties in soap. You just don’t want too much or else it will dry out your hair and scalp.

I wish I could recommend the perfect shampoo bar for everyone, but to be honest most everyone’s hair and scalp are unique and react different to shampoo bars. I guess my recommendations would be for the type of rinse after shampooing. I have found that Citrus oils tend to help with dry hair and scalp so I normally recommend Chamomile & Citrus Vinegar Rinse and for oily hair I recommend an apple cider rinse with a few drops of rosemary, lavender, peppermint or tea tree.

For dry hair, an infusion of marshmallow root, nettle and burdock would help combat dryness along with a balance vegetable oil blend of jojoba, olive, cocoa butter and sunflower. For oily hair, a shampoo bar with citrus essential oils would be good

Rochelle, Karess Krafters
Well for dry hair, I like the castor and olive oil combinations mostly for that reason. Then of course essential oils.
In Wild Mane shampoo bar I use rosemary, peppermint, cedarwood, sage, lemon, ylang ylang and Italian lavender for scalp and hair care. These essential oils are good for normal to dry scalp and hair.

For oily hair, lemon and rosemary can be used for that as well interestingly enough. I would also probably include geranium as well because that is known to help the hair and scalp not be so oily.

I think good circulation is also important to scalp health which is why I like the peppermint and rosemary in Wild Mane.

The nettles and horsetail I gathered from the wild and these ingredients work well for all hair types,strengthening the hair. Horsetail is an amazing herb for nails too.

I don’t know much about customizing shampoos for dry or oily hair. I would only suggest if you’re looking for one or the other then use the same guidelines you would use when looking for soap for dry or oily skin. For example I know that lemon essential oil is a good ingredient for soaps meant for oily skin. I imagine this would also be true for a shampoo bar but I haven’t heard any testimony of that.

Dry hair might enjoy such additives as avocado oil, any butter, emu oil, and such.
Oily hair might enjoy sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, macadamia nut oil, etc.

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    dustie, Three Moons 

    dose anybody have any guidlines on making a shampoo bar for dreadlock hair, I know i want my majority to be coconut oil but i am having a hard time with %’s ??? thanks

  2. I have used Amargan Hair Oil its derived from the Moroccan Argan Trees Nut. I got good results but I have had a problem scalp quite dry and sensitive. For many years I used many treatments its worked for after 3 applications