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First off, you should read the ‘About me’ page for this store — what a great story. I love how entire businesses can grow off of chance occurrences. Your child takes piano lessons at a goat farm and next thing you know, bam!, you’re running your own soap-making business :)

So our next shampoo bar is the beer shampoo bar from Country Soaps by Marlene . Let me start off by apologizing for reviewing another sold-out shampoo, but the good news is that Marlene does have a few other shampoo bars listed.

Ingredients : Olive, Castor, Almond, Jojoba, coconut, almond butter, palm, wheat & silk proteins, beer & NaOH

This bar has some of the ingredients I’ve learned to love in shampoo bars, including jojoba oil, wheat and silk proteins, and, of course, beer.

Smell: This soap is basically unscented, but the almost oil/butter gives it that almond-y smell I tend to associate with maraschino cherries. It’s very soft and subtle.

Texture : This is a slightly softer bar than some, rubs on easily and lathers up really well.

Did it clean my hair and scalp? Yes, it did. It seems to have a slight bit of waxiness right up against my scalp, but nothing that affected the look and feel of my hair.

How does my hair look and feel? Very nice — this one leaves my hair slightly on the squeaky side so I think it would work best for fine hair.

Verdict: Thumbs up :)

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    wow! i too have been trying different soaps and shampoo bars on my hair. so far i have tried j. r. liggett’s bar shampoo (the only actual shampoo bar i have tried).
    bar soaps i have tried: grandpa’s pine tar soap, chandrika aurovedic soap, bee and flower sandalwood soap.
    all of them work pretty good. it seems that the chandrika may leave the ends of my hair a little drier – but that it rinses very well and doesn’t require an acid rinse – which may be because it contains lime oil. grandpa’s pine tar soap works good too – but most people don’t like the smell and it contains palm oil which i am trying to get away from because of the environmental factor…. slash and burn palm tree growing for palm oil…. the bee and flower only worked well when i had short hair….
    the j. r. liggett’s bar shampoo works great but it is harder for me to get and i have to order it on the internet. it also costs a lot more versus chandrika but it is made in the USA in case that matters to you.
    so i am still undecided. sometimes i make my own soap and will try it on my hair next time i make it.
    one thing: since i have started using soap/shampoo bars on my hair if i use shampoo my hair feels totally stripped and fly-away.
    try using soap to wash dishes sometime instead of detergent. that will convince you that even harsh REAL soap bars (non-SLS) does not remove all oil from anything – which is why it is better suited for hair washing than anything detergent based.
    sometimes i will use a rinse made with lime juice and water after i shampoo – but not all the time since my hair has become used to soap. i ALWAYS wash my hair with cool water and finish with as cold as rinse as i can get.